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James memory, but why?

19 Jun

You may have noticed that I sometimes post scripture verses from the book of James without any commentary, and you may wonder why (or not, I don’t know :)).

Anyway, my purpose in doing so is two-fold: 1) because it helps me in my bible memory review to type it out from memory, and 2) because it is the word of God and my life depends on being in it and sharing it.

To clarify, I’m not memorizing the book of James so that I can go around telling everyone how great my memory is. In fact, it takes quite a heaping of courage for me to quote it in front of people or to even tell them I’m attempting such a goal.

I am, however, memorizing the word of God, starting with James, for the purpose of allowing God to speak into my life via scripture. As many great books are out there by well-meaning Christian authors, there is nothing like the word! And because, as one of my favorite verses says, the word of God was written for our instruction (Romans 15:4). I cannot live without it!

And, in time, I hope my James memory will be used for the purpose of encouraging other believers. I don’t know what that looks like yet, but I know I’m called to love God and love his people. And if the day comes when my freedom to serve God is taken from me, I will still love God and his people, and share the word with his people, even if it comes from memory.

I hope to share more about how the book of James has changed and grown me, but I believe it is only just beginning. After all, I’m only in chapter two. ❤

(And, by the way, if you think memorizing a whole book is impossible for you to do, think again. I thought so too just a few months ago!)