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Let me put on display the God of mercy

1 Apr

Today I heard some very misfortunate news regarding the child of a dear family friend. I cannot share details, but it has moved me with so much compassion for this person (and many more young people in similar situations) that I must urge you to reach out to your neighbor if you know he or she is hurting. It could mean the world of a difference. It could meanĀ life.

God has shown us mercy by sending his Son to die on the Cross for our sins. Let us show that mercy to others around us. Let us share the hope that Christ brings us. I don’t know about you, but I am constantly needing to remind myself that faith without works isĀ dead.

Being a youth leader, I see that there are many young people who are lost and hurting because of abuse, bad home situations, depression, insecurity, bullying, and the list goes on. Be the light to any youth in your life, even if you think that person is doing well. Show God’s mercy to them, even if it means just a smile or an encouraging word.

Lord, give me more compassion. Show me ways that I can reach out to others to show them your mercy. I know I cannot fix the anyone’s problems for them, but the best thing I could do is put you on display and tell of your faithfulness. Give me the wisdom to be able to do that with the news I’ve just heard this day.

As vague as this post is, I pray it speaks to someone today…God could change someone’s life and use us to reach them.