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Be humble on purpose

3 Apr

The real issue here is not if pride exists in your heart; it’s where pride exists and how pride is being expressed in your life. Scripture shows us that pride is strongly and dangerously rooted in our lives, far more than most of us care to admit or even think about. C.J. Mahaney


I just had something happen to me that smacked me right in the face and said, “Jen, you’re not perfect. In fact, you’ve just acted really stupid.” And it reminded me to keep a close eye on my pride, which can so easily sneak up on me and hurt me.

Of course, I know I’m not perfect. But, being human, I have the tendency to be prideful and think that I am perfect. Don’t we all? I don’t think I’m alone in that. (And if I am…well, a pat on the back to you all! :))

And sometimes it happens accidentally. My pride can seemingly come out of nowhere, and I may not even realize it. It can happen in a number of ways, but here’s an example: I’ll make a comment about something I see on TV and, without even thinking, I’ll say something really opinionated that could actually hurt someone else’s feelings, even though the TV doesn’t have feelings and can’t hear me.

How many times, ladies, have you seen someone wearing something you thought was just awful and felt the urge to laugh at them behind their back by whispering, “Oh my gosh, look at her!” to your friend? Guys, how many times have you joked about revoking your friend’s “man card”? The truth is this: regardless of whether or not the person we’re laughing at knows we’re making fun of them, what we are doing is still unkind. And in a way, it shows our pride.

You see, I relate this type of action to pride because it says, “I know better than that person”–which automatically seems to sound a lot like, “I am better than that person.” That’s pride.

And by the way–no, we’re not. We’re not at all better than anyone.

We’re all sinners, and we all fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). He who exalts himself will be made humble (Luke 14:11). And we are actually called to prefer one another above ourselves (Romans 12:10).

It’s hard, but I am challenging myself (and praying HARD) to remember each day to be humble. If I don’t want my pride to sneak up on me on accident, I need to be humble on purpose.

Who’s with me?!


Thoughts on humility in blogging

17 Mar

Well…I’m back!

After telling myself I wanted to start blogging daily and successfully posting four days in a row, I realized maybe God had different plans for me.

This past week has been a little off, to say the least. I got really sick with a nasty throat infection and I spilled water all over my precious MacBook. It won’t turn on (I’m currently using my mother’s PC). How am I supposed to blog if my computer is broken!?

I originally started this blog for writing about topics that I felt God lay on my heart. Only, my love for writing got in the way and I started to feel like I was writing just for the sake of writing. And for the sake of being heard. But I don’t think that’s pleasing to God. In fact, it sounds kind of empty and purposeless!

You know, it’s so easy to get excited when your daily views multiply by 10 and your average amount of comments triples. But it’s not about numbers and it’s not about me at all. What I desire to do is to further God’s purposes and reach people who need to hear the lessons I’m learning and the things God lays on my heart to share with them. If I stop hearing from God and starting writing for my own self, it’s like a preacher who preaches just because he wants to be famous and not because he wants to see kingdom growth. It’s like a pastor who is only concerned with numbers and not with individals or with what God wants for his ministry. And I don’t want to be a numbers person!

Anyway, I just wanted to share these things with my readers. I appreciate all of you and your encouragement as you walk with me and become better followers of Christ with me! I hope you will all continue to be a part of this blog. And some of you are even good at keeping me in check! I appreciate that.

So long story short, if you don’t see me posting daily, don’t think I’ve disappeared. I’m just waiting to hear from God and praying he lays something on my heart to share with my readers. After all, I do love writing oh so very much!

Have a great Saturday everyone!