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Sharing some Kari, day two…

28 Apr

When my hope is gone,

When the fear is strong,

When the pain is real,

When it’s hard to heal,

When my faith is shaken and my heart is broken and my joy is stolen,

God I know that you lift me up. You never leave me thirsty.

My only commentary…is “yes.”

{Find You On My Knees – Kari Jobe}


Sharing a little bit of Kari…

27 Apr

Jesus, in YOUR suffering, you are reaching,

You thought of me.

What love is this that you gave your life for me,

And made a way for me to know you?

I confess, you are always enough for me.

You’re all I need.

Do not worry about tomorrow. Don’t worry about your bills. Don’t worry about your future. Don’t worry about getting married someday. Don’t tell yourself, “If I only had ____, I would be happy.” Jesus is enough. He is all we need. If he takes care of the sparrows, he will take care of us…

{Lyrics: From Kari Jobe’s “What Love is This.”}



Love Came Down

6 Apr

I love that we spend Good Friday dwelling on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?

But I want to encourage you to remember this sacrifice every day, not just on Good Friday or Easter.

I also wanted to share this song by Kari Jobe because I have been in love with it since I bought her new album in February. Every time I hear it, I remember what Jesus did for me and for all of you. Never forget it or isolate it to Easter. It’s the reason we live and breathe and trust in God. It’s the reason we can have no fear in death.

Happy Good Friday!